Extraterrestrial contact: 3 steps for alien telepathy

Extraterrestrial contact is right around the corner. If you want to learn alien telepathy then this article is for you. Who doesn’t want to experience contact with Extraterrestrials? This is a burning desire that has awakened more and more within people as we have started our ascension journey. The ascension means that many people are going through a massive spiritual awakening on this planet. As this is happening, the ET’s are preparing us for experiencing contact. They are very excited about being reunited with us and are inviting us into their Galactic federation of light. It will all start with alien telepathy.

Are you ready for extraterrestrial contact?

I know what your thinking. ”I am ready! I have been waiting all my life for this”. Well the truth is, that you’re not ready yet. Even though you feel ready with your intellectual mind, your energyfield is not. We are energetic beings that vibrate on a certain freqency. As earth humans we vibrate on a much lower freqency than most extra terrestrials. Most of them (Not everyone) are operating on such a high freqency, that we’re not even able to percieve them. They can adjust down their freqency and also the freqency of their ships to make themself visible to us.

Now here comes the challenge. What would happen if extraterrestrial contact would happen to early and your energy field would be exposed to theirs? It would have forced up stuff that you’re not ready to deal with yet. Their energy is so dominant to us, that our energy field will automatically try to match up with theirs. We will not be able to hold our ground and most people can go into a psychotic shock if this would happen to early. Remember that your awakening and healing journey takes time. They don’t want us to deal with more than we are able too.

The process of extraterrestrial contact will start with telepathy with these beings. But in this article I will call it ”Telempathy”. Why? Because telepathy means you’re reading someones mind. Now that’s how the experience feels like, but the mechanism is a little bit different. You’re actually harmonizing your frequency with someone else’s and therefore you have the same thoughts at the same time. ”Telempathy”. This is teachings from the Bashar material. That’s how we will get to know them and get used to their energy bit by bit before contact will occur. This is why I made these 3 best steps on how to experience telempathic contact with aliens. This will help prepare you much better for contact.

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Step 1: Meditation for extraterrestrial contact

I know that some people don’t like this answer, but you really need to start meditating if you want to experience telempathy and extraterrestrial encounters. How are they supposed to reach you if you are ”Not home”? When your mind is constantly thinking, then you are not being present in the moment. If you are not at home in your own being, then you are somewhere else in your thoughts. To much thoughts will clog your energy channels and it will be harder to experience contact. Clear telempathic communication always happens when you are fully present.

In the beginning you can start experiencing them in your meditations. You have now learned to go into a deep relaxation and your mind is clear for communication. Then you will be able to sense and feel different feelings during your meditation, which is them showing you their energy. This will evolve into intuitive messages inside of you. The better you become, the more you will experience this outside of meditation too and the messages will become clearer as you evolve.

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Step 2: Match their alien vibration

The number one reason that you don’t experience telempathy with aliens, is that you’re not matching their vibration. You see we all have our own energyfield that vibrates on a certain frequency. A good analogy to understand this is by taking the radio as an example. When you listen to the radio, you tune yourself into a frequency to experience and listen to the radiochannel. This is the same principle with telempathy. You need to harmonize the wavelength of your vibration with theirs. Here’s a FREE course that will help you raise your vibration the fastest way and navigate to your best timeline <<FREE MASTER YOUR REALITY COURSE>> It will help you experience ET contact much faster by mastering your own vibration.

Now there are several ways to do this. One way is when you wake up in the middle of the night. At this time you’re extra sensitive to vibrations around you. Then pay attention and see if you can hear any high pitched sounds and noices. These are high freqency signals that you’re picking up on. This is also a typical ”ascension syndrom”. Now the big trick is to be able to match up with this frequency sounds. Take some time and imagine that you hear the same sound in your third eye. You want to really visualize this. When you have done this for 5-10 minutes, then imagine that you’re making that sound from your whole body. This is a technique that will help you to tune yourself into these signals.

Another powerful way is to do guided meditations with people who already are able to channel through alien energies. When you are in this relaxed state, you will recieve this energy just like you’re recieving a healing session. This is also one of the most powerful ways to match these frequencies.

Step 3: Raise your vibration

The more you raise your own vibration, the deeper you will experience the telempathy with these beings. In the beginning you might have some cool experiences were you feel them and get some messages. But you will only be able to match a small signal they are sending you. When you raise your frequency much higher, you will be able to mirror their vibration much closer. You have to meet them half way. They operate on extremely high frequencies and it’s impossible for them to go to low in their frequency rate.

Physical contact is right around the corner

In a very short time we will experience physical contact with extra terrestrials. Now I do know that many people have already experienced physical contact with ET’s. Some people have been more ready than others. Also not every ET species operate in extremely high frequencies, but most of the beings we will interact with does. As I said earlier, we have to meet them half way. They can only step down their vibration a certain amount and it is our job to raise our own vibration. The more you do the healing work and follow your purpose, the stronger you ”vote” for contact.

So really ask yourself, what are the actions you could take in the next 24 hours that would take you one step closer to contact? Below is a FREE GIFT to help you raise your frequency that fastest way so you can experience ET contact.

Important message: You create the illusion of power

Best regards Tommy Larsen

Some of these principles of vibration comes from the Bashar material

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