Channeling: 3 steps to learn how to channel

Do you want to channel something into your life? Channeling can be creating art, writing a piece of content, it can be verbal channeling or anything that you feel like you want to create. If you want to learn how to channel, then this article is for you. Anybody can do it and it is not hard to learn. We just have to learn to get out of our own way before we can bring something through from spirit. I made this 3 powerful steps you can use to learn how to channel in an easy and effective way.

What is actually channeling?

Channeling happens when you’re connecting with your own higher spirit or other spiritual beings and therefore bringing through information into this realm. How people choose to express this is very individual. When you hear the word ”channeling”, you might be thinking about someone who is in a deep trance who bring through communication verbally from spirit. This is one way of channeling, but there are infinite of different ways to express channeling.

Have you ever taken the time to just watch children when they are playing for themselves on the floor? If you pay close attention you will see that the child enters a form of trance. They go into a flow state where they just play whatever comes into their mind in a very spontaneous way. There are no rules and their playing just starts to flow in a very magical way. This is a channeling state. Children are much better than adults to go into this state. Why? because they love what they do in that moment. The only thing that matters in that moment, is what they are playing. If we take time to study our children, we can learn how to channel faster.

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Learn how to channel with gamma frequencies

When you go into a channeling state (also called flowstate), your brainwaves will change. Usually you are in a Beta brainwave state when you are awake and alert. This is in a range between 13-30 Hz. When you go into a channeling state, your brainwaves will shift and start producing gamma frequencies and they are usually around 40 Hz. The trick is to learn to go into this brainwave state automatically, but some people find that hard to begin with. In these 3 steps I will show you how you can manage to this.

Step 1: Listen to gamma frequencies

A powerful tool that I used when i wanted to learn how to channel, was listening to gamma wave frequencies. Put some headphones on and find a youtube video that is playing gamma waves for you. You want to meditate while you’re doing this and practice going into a very relaxed state. When you are relaxed, start imagining that you actually hear the sound of these frequencies coming from inside of your brain. You want to tune your brain into this sound. After doing this for maybe 15-20 minutes, you will notice that your state of consciousness will shift. It will feel different in a way. Many times you might feel that you’re actually getting intuitive messages in this state. The more you get familiar with it, the easier it will be to go into the gamma state. And this is where communication with spirit begins.

Step 2: Start channeling and don’t be serious

When you have listened to the gamma frequencies for maybe half an hour, get up and start channeling. Just bring through whatever needs to come through. Remember that the trick is to not think, just do. When you think to much, you will block yourself. Just let through the first thing that comes into to your mind.

Another thing that blocks the channeling state is when you are being very serious about what you’re doing. Joy is the opposite of being serious and you want to get yourself into a joyful state. Imagine that you would be a little child and that the whole channeling session is a play. Would you be serious? Not at all. You want to bring yourself into a playful state where there are no rules and nothing to be serious about. Stop being an adult for a moment and become a child. Just let through whatever needs to come through. If you do this you will get into a flowstate and that’s when true art will be made. Remember to always pay attention to the message that comes through. Does it come from fear and ego or does it come from love? If the message is fear and ego based, then you’re bringing through energies that are not in your best interest.

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Step 3: Do something you love

If what you are doing is not aligned with your passion, then you are never going to get into a channeling state. A channeling state will always be represented by your passion. That’s why people channel in so many different ways. Because our spirits wants to express themselves in infinite of different ways. Forcing yourself into a channeling state when you’re doing something you don’t have passion for, is just not going to work.

Have you ever done something where you just loved doing it so much that time and space seemed to collapse? Well that was the channeling state. Find something you’re passionate about and start doing more of it. People often have a lot of excuses for not doing these things, but you just have to break through that. Even if i means breaking through your fears. Here’s a FREE course to help you navigate towards your best timeline and raise your vibration the fastest way <<FREE MASTER YOUR REALITY COURSE>>

Everyone are meant to be a channel

We are all divine spirits that are meant to channel through something into this physical realm. If you feel like following a passion or creating something, there will always be someone who will benefit from that in some way shape or form. Just make sure that you are being self honest with yourself, and see if this is truly your passion. An example to that would be drugs or cigarettes.

The more you align with your passion, the more opportunities will open up for you in your life. Your higher spirit will give you more to act on and this will start to propel you in life. You have probably heard many times in your life to follow your heart. Well this is by far the best way to become a great channel. Below is a FREE GIFT to help you raise your frequency the fastest way so you become a much greater channel.

Important message: You create the illusion of power

Best regards, Tommy Larsen

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Some of these conscepts are based on teachings from the Bashar material.

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