Starseed origin: Your multidimensional being

Do you want to know where you have your starseed origin? Many people on earth feel that they have strong connections to other star systems. A feeling of home that resonates deep in their soul. Some of these star systems are Sirius, Pleiadies, Arcturus and Lyra. These are the main ones that people know about, but there are far many others that contains life too. In this article we will dive into what it means to have a starseed origin place and also discuss your multidimensional being.

Find your starseed origin

If you’re on the search to find your starseed origin point then you will discover some secrets as you read along. Many people desperately give away their power to psychic people to understand where they come from. Please don’t misunderstand me. There are lots of great psychics out there and many can bring powerful information on to the table. What I mean is that most people don’t trust their own instinct. If there is one thing I have learned through my own process, it’s that there is always a reason why something resonates.

When you feel pulled towards something, then that’s the universe trying to deliver a message. A part of the awakening is to learn to trust your own intuition. If you would suddenly feel pulled towards the concept of being a Sirius starseed, then I can assure you that you have a connection Sirius. It’s another extension of your own oversoul that exist on that plane of existence. The same thing with past lives. If you feel very drawn to the native americans, then that’s because you have other incarnations where you are one of them.

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My personal starseed origin

As I had my awakening some years back in my life, I started searching towards the stars. At that time I felt disconnected from myself and was at a low point in my life. I wanted to feel some form of belonging. Spirituality was the thing that pulled me out of the dark. After a while I decided to go see a psychic for the first time. This lady told me I had a connection to the pleiadians. She said that this was where my soul came from. It resonated on a deep soul level, and after this I became obsessed with the pleiadians. For the first time in forever I felt a sense of home.
For several years that was the only star system that really resonated. I thought I had found my starseed origin point.

This was until one night where I had an epic astral projection where I connected with Sirius on a very deep level. Again I got the feeling of being home. I started remembering how much I loved whales and dogs as a child. By the way whales, dolphins and dogs are strong conduits for sirius energy. A short while after, I connected with the arcturians and later on the lyrans. It was at this time that I started realising that I did not have just one home. I started connecting with my multidimensional nature. Here’s a FREE course to help you navigate towards your best timeline so you can one day experience contact <<FREE MASTER YOUR REALITY>>

What does multidimensional means?

We are all multidimensional beings existing in this infinite universe. What does this mean? It means that your own spirit exist in many different dimensions at the same time. Remember that time is an illusion. Imagine that your oversoul has many different extensions to all these other versions of yourself. Kind of like an octopus with endless many arms. From the physical minds 3. density perspective, it’s only able to have focus in one experience at a time. The more we humans awaken and expand our consciousness, we will all be able to tap into these other versions of ourselves and use information that they give to us. This has already happened to many individuals.

From the oversouls perspective it can experience itself through all these different individuals at the same time. It is just fragmenting it’s own consciousness to experience as much as possible. Some oversouls has done this more than others and that’s where the phrase of ”Old soul” comes in. By viewing itself through many different perspectives, it get to reflect on a deeper level who and what it actually is. Experience means everything to the oversoul. (Scroll down for more).

Starseed origin: Your multidimensional being

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So where do you come from then?

This last piece is based on information from the Bashar material. If you exist on many different levels all at once, how can you come from one place? We humans love to put things in a box, but that’s not possible when we start to think more multidimensional. If time is just a concept and not real, how can we originate from anywhere? Existence is not a subject to time. If we could say that we come from somewhere, then that would be Source or God. And this is everything in the universe. And if time does not exist, then that means that all other versions of yourself exist now. Even the ”past” versions of yourself.

You as an individual come from earth. You have never been anyone else but you. What you’re doing is that you are making energetic connections to these other versions of your own soul that exist at the same time. You do this when you’re going through a certain theme and need some different types of information to the theme that you’re exploring. That’s why pleiadians where the only ones who resonated in the beginning of my journey. That’s the information I needed at the time. And later on I needed other types of information. From your oversouls perspective it can say that it is all of those beings. But you as an individual has not been anyone else but you. And reincarnation is an illusion in the sense of ”past lives”. All lives happens at the same time. Now!

What is the purpose of connecting with them?

Here something that can offtrack a lot of people. When people feel miserable on earth, they often get homesick and ”want to go back”. That is not the purpose of these connections. And with this mentality you will actually block the connections. The purpose of making these different connections is to learn and grow. There is so much valuable information they can teach us and the purpose is to bring it down to earth.

The more we bring these amazing energies into this realm, we will start creating heaven on earth. Our job is to make this life count as much as possible. And the more grounded and happy we become in this realm, the more contact from the stars will show up in our lives. Below is a FREE GIFT that will help you raise your frequency so physical contact may one day occur.

Important message: You create the illusion of power

Best regards Tommy Larsen

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