Spiritual energy vortex in Norway: Top 3 places

Are you someone who wants experience a spiritual energy vortex in Norway? In this article I will tell you about some of the most powerful areas in Norway where you can experience a magic healing energy. An energy vortex is a location where there are huge amounts of energies from earth beaming up to the surface. These energies are spiraling up from the ground and can sometimes (not always) cause nature to be shaped in very special ways. I myself are from Norway and have traveled along the Norwegian coast many times. I wanted to share with you the top 3 places to visit in Norway if you want to experience a powerful energy and beautiful landscapes. So take up your pen and paper and put these power spots on your bucket list. Let’s start with number 3.

Spiritual energy vortex 3: Geirangerfjorden

No pictures can justify the beauty of Geirangerfjorden. You can find it in the western area of Norway quite south in the country. If you love long deep fjords, steep mountains and beautiful waterfalls then this is a place to experience! It gives you a fairytale scenery that you only see in movies. This is a place that often get a high score on places you have to visit and has become quite popular as a tourist attraction for many people. But what most people don’t know is that it’s actually an energy vortex. When people visit this place, they get a ”high feeling”. There are great energies emitting out through the whole area that can also cause great healing if the intention is there.

You can do hiking along the mountains to view the world from above or you can go on boat trips to see the fjord from another perspective. If you choose to travel here, then make sure to also take a 1,5 hour drive to Trollstigen. This is a road where you’re driving down an incredible steep hill and you have to go zigzag on your way down. Hope you’re not scared of heights if you do this! Make sure to swipe on the pictures to see all of them.

Spiritual energy vortex 2: Lofoten

If you’re ever thinking about traveling to Norway, then Lofoten is a must. Lofoten is a long area with lots of islands that stretches out through the ocean. You can find this area is in the north of Norway. Get ready for a lifetime experience with sharp mountains, because you’re about to see lots of them. Lofoten is also very known for it’s fishing villages. The fish has been the biggest resource of this area since the viking time. In fact it’s such a great fishing area that they run world championships in fishing here.
But wait! There are more jewels of this area. In the summer season you can get great opportunities to see the midnight sun. So you actually get light 24 hours a day. In the winter time on the other hand, you will be able to see the northern lights which is also called the aurora borealis. And ofcourse if you want to experience a spiritual energy vortex in Norway, then this place is a must. This is not something the norwegian people talk a lot about simply because of lack of awareness. But any person who are sensitive to energies will tell you that Lofoten is a mighty area that is worth traveling to.

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Spiritual energy vortex 1: Trollfjorden

This is a place I have been many times when I was working on a cruise ship. The pictures will not live up to how it actually feels like, to stand on a boat and be looking straight up in the air at these steep mountains. It’s definitely an experience for life and every time I see it, it’s like I’m seeing it for the first time in my life. I really do get why they chose to call it Trollfjorden. It’s almost like your waiting for the trolls to come out of the shadows and show themselves. Trollfjorden is also in the area of Lofoten as you might see. You can take a boat ride for a few hours from Svolv√¶r which is the main city in Lofoten. I hope you like sea eagles, because they are surrounding the area and are a typical tourist attraction for people.
Now the energies can be intense here. It will create a strong peak experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life! All times I have been here, I feel the powerful vibration beaming up from earth. Personally I never think it’s a coincidence why nature is shaped the way it is. Very often where there are an energy vortex or an earth chakra point, nature will express itself in a very unique way. Trollfjorden are a perfect example of this.

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Ready to travel to Norway?

There’s not to many people in Norway who are aware of their own spirituality. Yet they know what a magical place looks and feels like. Even though they might not be aware of the energy vortices, they will still feel attracted and drawn to them. I wanted to write this article because I could not find a lot of material out there about this. Personally I’m very sensitive to energies and have strong psychic senses. This lives within all of us and everybody have the potential to tap into it. Also through the job I used to have, I had to travel to all these places. With the right intentions, these places can help you tap more into your spiritual powers.

I wanted to share this to all the spiritual seekers who wants to experience the best spiritual energy vortex in Norway. Share this awareness with your friends who also feel the urge for traveling to Norway. I encourage you to follow your own inner guidance and take the actions necessary to get the most out of this beautiful earth that is provided for us.

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Best regards Tommy Larsen

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