The grey alien abduction: Alien hybridization

Have you ever heard about the grey alien abduction that everybody talk about? In this article we will dive into the truth about the greys abduction program with the humans. The first thing I would like to add to this is that there are very many different alien species that are grey in colour and can look similar to these ones. But the ones I refer to are responsible for most of the abduction stories people have been telling. This story I’m about to tell are based on information from the Bashar material.

The grey alien abduction: Who are they?

The greys are relative small, with big heads and have larger eyes that are usually covered with a black protection glass. They are also grey skinned as you probably could tell by the name. These beings work with a hive mind towards each other and lack connection with their own emotional body. These are the beings that has abducted a lot of humans for the purpose of using our DNA. Many people fear and think of them as being these scary aliens from outer space. But the grey beings are not as unfamiliar to us that many might think. In fact they are not alien at all!

The story and beginning of grey alien abduction

The greys are not aliens in the form of extraterrestrials from outer space. They are actually mutated humans from another parallel reality. Yes you heard right!
They are humans from another parallel reality of earth where their own timeline went down a dark path. They evolved thousands of years in what we would call our future. On this timeline, the human species got lost in their own intellectual mind. Everything they did was based on technology. Now technology is not a bad thing. But when disconnection from the heart occurs, it might bring people down a dark path.

Over time they lost connection to themselves and their own humanity. Love and joy was no longer a theme in their lives and they did not take care of the earth they lived on. Over long periods of time their environment got destroyed by their own actions. They eventually had to mutate themselves to adapt to the changes in their environment. Over decades off mutation they no longer looked like humans.

The environment became even worse and they decided over time to move underground for their own safety and survival. By heading down this negative path for over thousands of years, they eventually lost their ability to reproduce. This led to a big crisis in their world as this threaten the survival of their whole civilization. In a desperate attempt to survive they started cloning themselves. But their agenda failed since their DNA was to damaged.

The grey alien abduction for DNA

The greys realised that they needed some source off pure DNA if their species was going to survive. Because of their advanced technology, they where able to travel into multiple parallel realities of earth to get resources. Our version of earth being one of these realities. Because of their lack of emotional intelligence they did not understand the damage they caused to a lot of people. They started their abduction program and took people on to their ships to do the work. They where already experts in mutation and genetic manipulation because of their history.

Over periods of time they started to notice the weird behaviours humans had when they where abducted. They used a long time to develop an understanding of the fear the humans felt. This was not something that was normal to the greys and they had not seen it before. For them the world just seemed kind of neutral. As time went on, they understood they had to do something different because of the great fear they had caused among people. They started to hide the memories of people and make them forget what they experienced.

The greys mutated themselves to become a hive mind. They realised that they also needed someone to watch over their hybridization agenda to see if all went well. The beings who started watching over them is called the mantis beings. They are huge insectoid beings which are highly intelligent.

The alien hybridization agenda

What was the agenda of all of this? The agenda was to make new alien hybrid species and create new civilizations. These alien beings became hybrids between the greys and humans. This means that we are the ancestors of the new species. With our human DNA they where able to bring back the humanity into these hybrids. They brought back the emotionality and love that they had been longing for and they had now created several different civilizations that could thrive in the universe.

The alien hybrids are helping us

The alien hybrid species that they created lives in different parallel realities than us. They have terraformed their planets and made perfect ecosystems for different beings to live in. These beings have ascended their consciousness and many of them are now 4th density beings. They operate on a higher frequency than we do. They are bathed in love and compassion and are reaching back to us to help us climb the ladder of consciousness.

Because of the great gift of life that they have been given, they want to thank us for participating in the hybridization agenda. They are constantly delivering information through endless many channelers on earth to help us make decisions that are in our best interest. Because they have been observing over periods of time that the human race has been heading down similar path than the greys. When you look at it from this perspective, because of the grey alien abduction of the humans, it gave us a chance to see what not to choose.

The hybrids look at us as family to them and will give us a helping hand towards the future that we desire to experience. A future in love and freedom that will let all people and beings live in harmony with each other. And when the time comes and we are ready, we will also experience open contact with the hybrids and many other species as well. Below is a FREE GIFT that will help you towards your best timeline. Remember that reality is a reflection of your vibration.

Important message: You create the illusion of power

-Tommy Larsen

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