Splitting timelines: Parallel realities splitting

Have you noticed that many people seem to be going in all different directions in their lives? In this article we will dive into the topic of parallel reality splitting timelines. Things are changing on the earth and are not the same as it used to be. During this ascension we are moving towards a better version of earth where people will be living in true harmony with each others. But are everybody going to experience this? The answer to that is no. There’s a massive splitting of timelines occurring right at this moment and this is the time to really show your reality what you Prefer to experience.

What does splitting timelines mean?

We are all constantly creating a projection of our own consciousness. This becomes our external reality and is just a reflection of our inner consciousness. This becomes our personal reality, but we are also co creating a collective reality among other people. This is based on similar belief systems that people hold on to that will give them a similar reflection. Right know at this historical moment we are actually splitting of from the collective and creating several different collective realities on earth. This happens because the difference in peoples internal vibration is to big. And the outer experience is a reflection of our internal vibration. This makes people head in different directions of life and therefore our reality will start to split up in multiple of parallel realities.

Splitting timelines, what will happen?

As the vibration that people carry becomes to different, we will start to shoot of into different parallel realities. Imagine that your at a train station. At first you’re getting on to the train you prefer that will lead you to your destination. As all the trains are leaving, you will be able to look over to the other trains for a while and see what they are doing. When the trains start to split of, you need to decide quick if you want to jump over to another train. Eventually the trains will be so far apart that you will no longer experience or see the other trains. This is a great analogy that Bashar has mentioned many times. We are becoming so different in our own vibration that we will only experience those with a similar energy frequency.

Splitting timelines: Parallel realities splitting

When will this happen?

This is happening right now. As you have probably started to see, there is an extreme division among the people on earth. Some are choosing a positive version of earth and others are choosing a negative. The earth we live on goes in cycles. The last cycle was during the Atlantis times where there also was a split happening. Most people descended at that time because of their heavy ego. At this time there is a lot more people that will ascend to higher levels than before. But again some people are simply not ready to take this big step and will choose fear.

Why do we still see the others?

The reason why we still see the other people who are choosing a negative timeline is because we’re seeing through a glass wall of energy. This allows us to affect each other. We can affect them positively if they are able to choose that, and they can affect us negatively if we would choose to be affected. This can allow us to bring people over to the positive side by spreading awareness, but not to insist that they have to choose a positive path. We don’t know what they are supposed to learn from the path that they are choosing. Even though you can see that there is negative things happening ”out there” in the world, doesn’t mean it is happening on your version of earth. You see it through the glass wall of energy. As time goes on, the glass wall will become thicker and eventually we will not be able to perceive each others realities.

What can we do to choose the positive version?

Your whole external reality is a reflection of yourself. It is created by your own belief systems that are being projected by your own consciousness. The thing that is holding people in a negative vibration is the fear based beliefsystems that they buy into. The first step would be to stop consuming things that affect you with fear. If it’s information that does not make you a better person, then don’t consume it. Then you need to go really deep into yourself to clear out those beliefsystems that you’re holding onto. You can use all situations that are given to you and use them as reflections of what beliefs you’re holding onto. Pay attention to your own reaction.

The second thing is to really take action on what your heart tells you to do. Your heart and your passion are trying to guide you on to your true path that will lead you to enlightenment. Are there anything that you would like to do, but you’re holding yourself back because of fear? The more you pursue your true path, the more beautiful your external reflection will become. And since we’re splitting timelines, then now at this very moment is the time you should take action! Below is a FREE GIFT that will help you navigate towards your highest timeline.

Important message: You create the illusion of power!

The information from this post is based on channelings from the Bashar material.

Best regards Tommy Larsen.

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