How to let go of limiting beliefs: Let go 3 steps

If you want to learn how to let go of limiting beliefs, then this article is for you! There’s a great awakening happening on planet earth at this time and the collective is going through a massive healing process. To make this happen, we need to heal ourselves on an individual level first. Everything you see in the external world is nothing but a reflection of your own inner vibration. This means that if you hold on to a lot of limiting beliefs and negative emotions, then this will be projected out in your external reality.

Having some great tools to let go is very important in these times. It can speed up our awakening process by applying them in our every day lives. In this article I will give you 3 steps you can use to let go, but also to understand the vibrational mechanism behind the steps.

How to let go of limiting beliefs: Step 1

The first step to let go of limiting beliefs is to realise that everything is a reflection of your own internal vibration. So when a circumstance occur that you might view as ”negative”, realise that it is just a reflection of yourself. Your beliefs create your reality! Instead of seeing yourself as a victim to the circumstance, try to see it as a gift. The situation is occurring to help you see a deeper truth about yourself. Remind yourself that anytime something happens, it is always created by your own consciousness. If you see it as a creation of yourself, then it gives you the power to change it.

How to let go of limiting beliefs: Let go 3 steps

How to let go of limiting beliefs: Step 2

The second step after you have become aware that you created the situation, is to acknowledge and accept both the situation and your feelings around it. Staying in a state of acceptance is the same as having no judgement towards what is happening. If you judge the situation or yourself, then you create a resistant lower energy inside of you. Judgement operate on a low frequency. Judgement is giving away your power and also invalidating the experience.

To fully accept what is happening is to see everything as an equally valid experience. When you fully accept it, the lower energy inside of you will loosen up. A river doesn’t care or judge the surroundings where the water is flowing. It just simply accept everything as it is, and therefore everything flow with joy and ease. Compare your energy to a river. Every time you don’t accept what happens, you create resistance and block the energy from flowing. There’s a famous quote ”The problem is not the problem. The problem is only how we relate to it”.

How to let go of limiting beliefs: Step 3

When you have entered a state of acceptance, then you can start to let it go. Remember that judgement over it will block you from letting it go. Accept and fully validate it and you can then imagine that you are letting go of whatever is in your mind. The 2 most important steps are already in work and you can now use an extra technique that will help you to release it faster. This is called Ho Ľoponopono!

While you have entered meditation, start saying these sentences:
”I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you”.
These words carry a very strong vibration with them that will help you release the energy you have been holding onto. Say them on repeat many times until you feel it starts to let go. These words are also very powerful to forgiveness of others and also yourself.

Start practicing!

You now have the tools and techniques to start letting go. This is a training to become more consciously aware of everything that is happening. Seeing yourself as a victim to circumstances is not a conscious behaviour, while seeing the world as nothing but a reflection is having higher consciousness. And this like everything else needs practice to help you change your way of thinking. Below is a FREE GIFT for you that will help you to let go of limiting beliefs.

Important message: You create the illusion of power!

-Tommy Larsen

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