Empath spiritual gifts: What is an empath?

In this article ”Empath spiritual gifts” we will dive into what it means to be an empath and what gifts they bring into the world. We will also look into the mechanism behind energies and vibration related to this topic. Have you ever walked into a room where you just suddenly got a bad vibe around a person and you could feel that in your whole body? This means you’re an empath that picked up on their emotions inside their energyfield.

Empath spiritual gifts: Have you struggled?

Many people find it very hard to be around crowds and people just because of this reason. Whenever you surround yourself with others you might feel very drained afterwards. What often happens to empaths is that they take with them home the negative energies from other people and therefore feeling drained and exhausted.

I have experienced this all the way from childhood although I wasn’t aware of it happening before later on. I used to feel drained as a kid after hanging around others. In the ending of primary school I started to become anxious and nervous around other people and many times I did not even know why. On high school I was always in constant stress and anxiety, and this caused a huge hormonal imbalance in my body that took me a long time to recover from. I was always constantly feeling other peoples energies and this really gave me a hard time as a teenager.

Your empath spiritual gifts

What are the gifts of being an empath? Many times you might notice that people love to talk about their problems to you. Why? because you simply understand them and they can feel it. As an empath you can read peoples emotions, but also you can put yourself in their shoes and imagine what beliefsystems they carry. This allows you to be non judgemental towards them. This is a powerful way to help people heal from their own trauma. Your empath spiritual gifts allow you to become a great healer to people in the world since you understand them and don’t judge them. It also allow you to grow faster as a spiritual being, because you’re much more aware of what’s going on inside of you. Empaths are often the people who have the fastest spiritual growth.

Empath spiritual gifts, what is an empath?

What is happening when you are an empath?

You might ask the question of why this is happening. There’s actually a vibrational mechanism with energy frequencies at play. We often say that we feel other peoples emotions. Well this is the experience we create, but it’s not the actual mechanism. As an empath you are highly sensitive to energy frequencies around you. Because of this, you are easily matching up with different frequencies with your own energy field. Your energy field is on a certain wavelength, but the moment you’re in contact with other people you automatically start to sync up to their vibration.

So do you actually feel other peoples emotions? The answer to this is no. That’s just how it feels like. You recreate their emotions in your own energyfield, which means you always feel your own emotions. Now the reason behind why you recreate negative emotions in your own energy field is because there’s a resonance between their energyfield and your energyfield. This has to do with unsolved trauma or belief systems that you might not be aware of that is hiding inside your vibration. And because of this you match the lower energies that has been clinging to other people, creating an effect of it attaching to you.

Mastering being an empath

In the beginning it will feel overwhelming whenever you match someones vibration. After some time if you do a lot of inner work and self healing you will start to notice that your energyfield is growing and becoming bigger. The bigger and more powerful your energyfield becomes, the more negative energies you will be able to handle before you feel overwhelmed. Your energy will be the dominant one. And again every time you match a lower vibration, just use that as a pin point on something that needs to be aligned inside of yourself. Now this is something that takes time and patience to master. You have to do the inner work and will experience this energies for some time. Below is a FREE GIFT to help you raise your frequency so you will not be affected by negative energies.

Important message: You create the illusion of power!

-Tommy Larsen

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