Cold shower spiritual benefits: Raising vibration

Have you ever heard about the cold shower spiritual benefits? In this article we will dive deeper into both the physical and spiritual reasons to do cold showers. It has been done a lot of scientific research on short term cold exposure to our bodies and how it can actually change our health for the better. Like the ice man Wim Hof often says ”A cold shower a day, keeps the doctor away”. He has many world records in cold exposure such as climbing to 24,500 feet on mount Everest in only shorts. But he also talks about how the cold has been a spiritual teacher for him and this is something we all can gain benefit from.

Cold shower spiritual benefits: For your body

There are many physical reasons why we all should do a cold shower every single day. Whenever your body is put through this temporary stress, it will work on changing itself to adapt to the circumstances. This will cause great healing to occur which can prolong our lifespan if we are consistent with it. Below you will find some physical benefits of doing a cold shower every day.

Cold shower boost your immune function

Cold showers has been shown to increase the function of your immune system. It will raise the tolerance of your body so it will be able to handle more before it gets sick. It triggers norepinephrine which helps against inflammation in the body.

Increase blood circulation

As you expose your body to the cold water, your body will start to work harder to keep the core temperature in check. Over time this will increase the blood circulation of your body which can also help prevent cardiovascular disease. Your body will also send blood to the areas that are exposed which will increase your muscle recovery. This is why so many athletes do cold showers or ice baths.

Increase in metabolism and weight loss

Heart disease and obesity are linked to white fat in our bodies. But when you expose yourself to cold showers then your body starts producing brown fat. The brown fat tissue works on burning calories and thus generating energy from that. It will help you speed up your metabolism which is healthy for many different things, including weight loss. The brown fat tissue will also stabilize the white fat in our bodies.

Reduce stress levels

When you take a cold shower, you will put your body through a temporary stress. The more often you do this, the stronger your nervous system will build itself to be able to handle the stress. This will transfer into your life because you will have a stronger nervous system. It’s important when you do the cold showers that you train yourself to relax and breath deeply.

Cold shower spiritual benefits

Cold shower for raising your vibration

Pretty much anything that is good for your health is also great for your spirit. We are energetic beings and a part of our journey is to raise our vibration. Cold showers can actually help give us some great abilities for our spiritual journey. So let’s dive into the cold shower spiritual benefits!

Great energy cleanse

Lower energies are not a big fan of cold pure water. It will help you cleanse away these energies from your energyfield. Also your body and vibration will start working harder under the cold shower circumstances to get rid of the low vibrations. Anything that strengthens your physical immune system will also benefit your spiritual immune system.

Train your reaction

A part of finding enlightenment is to learn not to go into a negative form of reaction over everything around us. When we do cold showers, we train ourselves to not go into reaction over the cold. By deep calm breathing in the cold water we will strengthen our nervous system. This will help us to be calm when a situation occurs in our lives.

Mental discipline

To clean our energyfield and pursue a spiritual path, we need mental discipline. This is literally like a muscle in our mind that we need to strengthen. People who often procrastinate with taking action should definitely do cold showers. You will train yourself to take action and put yourself through this temporary stress, which after a while will become easier and easier the stronger your mind becomes.

Stronger vibration

One of the cold shower spiritual benefits is that it might help you to raise your vibration. Anything that benefits the health of the body, will also benefit your vibration. You will find over periods of time doing this practice, that it can help you raise your vibration faster because your body is functioning at an optimal level.

A cold shower a day keep the doctor away

So now you know the cold shower spiritual benefits which you can start using that might improve both your health and also your vibration. The small everyday things we do can have an enormous impact over long time on our spirit. But this needs a strong mind and an even stronger desire for change.

Important message: You create the illusion of power!

Best regards: Tommy Larsen

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