Third eye chakra opening-How to open your third eye fast and easy

Do you feel ready to have a third eye chakra opening in your life? Then this article is going to help you have the activation you’ve dreamed of. First we will dive into the physical actions you can take and then the more spiritual practices you can use to open up your third eye.

Step 1. for third eye chakra opening

The first step to open up your third eye is to stop consuming chemicals that blocks it. One of the chemicals that actually blocks it is the fluoride that is found in your toothpaste and sometimes in drinking water. The other chemical is aluminum that can be found in various different products. The fluoride accumulates the aluminum and calcifies your pineal gland (Third eye). Your production of melatonin (Sleep hormone) will decrease as a side effect of this.

Your pineal gland is also the physical manifestation of the third eye and are meant to produce a hallucinogen called DMT. This is also referred to as ”The spirit molecule”. You cannot have visions without DMT. By accumulating fluoride and aluminum your pineal gland will stop creating DMT and this has happened to alot of people around the world. Without going into conspiracy theories we can simply take actions in a more positive direction by stopping to consume this and start detoxing our pineal gland (Third eye). Find yourself toothpaste and drinking water that is fluoride free.

Step 2. for third eye chakra opening – Detoxing.

Now that you have stopped consuming these chemicals, you can then start to detox. In the list below you will see different foods or techniques you can use to start the detoxing of your pineal gland. All it takes is consistency and your third eye will open.

  1. Turmeric
  2. Chaga tea
  3. Fasting
  4. Ginger
  5. Chlorella

Step 3. Spirituality and following your heart

Some people might wonder what following your heart has to do with opening your third eye. We need to understand that we are energetic, spiritual beings that vibrates. In fact our whole reality is energy, frequency and vibration. Following your heart and passion has it’s own vibrational mechanism. You have your own higher self which can see your whole reality from ”The mountain top”. It can see your best and fastest path to raise your vibration. What you feel as passion is actually your higher self giving you guidance on what path you should take.

What happens when you follow your passion and raise your vibration is that every chakra will start to spin faster. As this happens your third eye chakra will automatically open and you will become a more open antenna for other higher frequencies. In fact this is one of the most important steps to open up your third eye. Just make sure that it’s real passion and not something that comes from negative beliefsystems.

Step 4. Meditation practice for your third eye

The last step is very powerful for opening your visions. By meditating with intention to open your third eye as well as visualizing the chakra spinning with dark blue colours can help you have the activation. You’re drawing energy to that area and focusing on the sensations you have in your forehead. Something that is also important while you meditate is to not have to much insistence and expectations. This will actually create resistance for you and your ability to have the experiences will go away. So do this with an open mind with passion and curiosity. In time as you raise your frequency, these practices will open your third eye more and more and you will soon have greater visions than you could imagine.

Important message: You create the illusion of power!

Best regards, Tommy.

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