How to raise spiritual children, top ways to raise a spiritual child.

If you’re a parent who are choosing to live a spiritual life, then you might want to learn how to raise spiritual children as well. In this article we will go into some powerful steps you can bring into their lives to help them become happier and raise their consciousness much faster.

Step 1. How to raise spiritual children – Passion

From an early age we want to support our children in following their passions. The passion becomes a drive that will build on their strengths and their talents. Show them how much you support what they love and help them understand the energy of passion. We all have our own higher self and it can see our best path of least resistance. Our higher self speaks to us with passion in our bodies and will always support our dreams. It’s just that most people where taught otherwise.

Abundance is a universal support mechanism that will always provide what you need to keep following your passion. Teach your children this from early age and help them understand these concepts. Create positive challenges in your childrens passions, but do this in a gentle and non forceful way.

Children will soak up beliefs from their parents. Therefore it’s important to stand up as a living example of someone who follow their own passions. Let them know that life can be truly easy and joyful. Joy comes if we choose to swim with our true current in creation, which is our passion. Now remember to distinguish between true passion and anxiety/addiction. An example of this could be television and gaming.

Now on some occations it can be their passion to watch a movie or play a video game for an hour or so. But children are easily addicted to these things and forget being creative if it’s to much. An alternative way is to give them a little bit access in the weekends. Have it in limited amounts so they don’t get addicted. Addiction clouds passion and creativity.

Step 2. How to raise spiritual children-Thinking

An important step on how to raise spiritual children is to teach them how to think and not what to think. Children are like small little sponges and often ask the grown ups for the answers. Help your children to see that you might have a perspective, but let them know that it could always be different. Don’t lock them into a beliefsystem.

Invite them to stay curious and always wonder about the mysteries of this magical universe. Always let them know that what they choose to think and believe is equally valid to what others believe. But also help them to not completely lock into their own beliefs as the only facts, but to always stay open for other perspectives and viewpoints. The truth is that we know far less than we think. We have a saying on this earth ” The beginning of wisdom is knowing that you don’t know”.

Step 3. Balancing attention

It’s important to find the balance between doing things together and when to have some time in silence where you’re doing different things. If you never interact with your child then they will feel abandoned, but if you’re always entertaining them and stimulating their ”wants” then they will get addicted to your energy and not able to create their own. Their addiction is not passion and this will drain your own energy.

Show your child that you also need some time to follow your passions and to have some ”silent time”. When the children learn to be by themselves, the creativity starts flowing into their consciousness. When a child is playing alone, they’re literally creating a unique roleplay that has never been created before. Give some time every day for attention by doing things together and also some silent time to do different things.

Step 4. Feed them positive beliefs

The next step on how to raise spiritual children is to help them understand that everything is made out of energy. Whatever they believe inside of themselves is what the energy on the outside will reflect to them. A single belief will change their whole energyfield. Reality on the outside is a reflection of our own energyfield and that means a reflection of what we believe to be true. Invite them into the understanding of how important it is to believe positive, loving and empowering things about themselves and the world.

Tell them that if they believe they are not worthy or good enough, then that’s what reality will give them. But if they choose to believe in themselves and know they are powerful and loving beings, then that’s what they will experience in the outer world. Tell them that life is just a mirror of what we believe.

Schooling system

When it comes to feeding children with positive beliefs, it’s important to decide what kind of schooling system you want them in. Every child is a creative genious in their own way, but if they’re measured up against each others with how great they’re in math or other classes, then many of them will believe they are not good enough or worthy for success.

One of the world smartest men, Albert Einstein said that school failed him. He was the typical problem kid in class and did not want to learn what the teachers taught him. He also said something very wise “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Therefore be very conscious of what schooling you choose. Is it a school that builds on the childrens passions and creative expressions or is it a school that numbs all of this down? Home schooling is another alternative, but remember to build on their passions.

Step 5. Don’t diminish passion over the lesson

Passion is your childs way of showing their true energy and is also used to help them bring themselves into a positive state of being. If you deminish the passion as a punishment, then they will start creating negative fear based beliefs about following their dreams and passions. ”What if I do something wrong and my passions and dreams disappear?” A better way is to find creative ways for the lesson to enter into the passions in a fun way.

Help them see what happens as a positive side effect of being loving and kind and give them rewards that helps them see that. Now of course we want to distinguish between what’s a positive reward and pampering your kids. If your child does something that is not in alignment then give them a consequence in a safe environment to help them understand before they do the same out in the world.

Step 6. Teach your children meditation

This is a very important tool that you can use to help your children build positive and loving beliefs. Create a daily routine with meditation just the same way as they brush their teeth. By having positive affirmations in the meditations, you will help program your children in a positive way instead of them soaking up negative beliefs from society. What they’re told is what they will believe.

They will also learn to relax their bodies and minds. Remember that a child needs shorter meditations for it to be fun. They have a completely different perception of time than an adult. 10 minutes are the maximum and beyond this they might start to be bored.

Important message: You create the illusion of power!

Best regards, Tommy

Pictures from canva and some of the concepts inspired by the Bashar material.

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