How to communicate with animals telepathically – Animal telepathy

In this article you will learn the easiest ways on how to communicate with animals telepathically. Before we go into the exercise, we need to understand how telepathy actually works. We also need to learn how to set the foundation in our energyfield for telepathy to occur.

Step 1. How to communicate with animals telepathically – What is actually telepathy?

Many people in our society don’t know what’s actually happening during telepathy. Saying that it’s to read others minds is only a description of how it feels. Therefore many scientists fail to test this because they don’t know the mechanical function behind it. Every being in this universe has their own energyfield. That is even backed up by science. This energyfield operates on a unique vibrational frequency.

For us to experience telepathy with another being, we have to match their unique energy frequency with our own energy. Imagine that you have a tuning fork. When you strike on side, it will start to vibrate on a specific frequency. The other side will start to vibrate on the exact same frequency and they will be harmonized.

This is the exact same principle with telepathy. We need to be on the same wavelength of vibration. When your energy start vibrating on the exact same frequency, then you will start to have the same thoughts at the same time. You don’t actually read into their minds, but you sync up with their stream of thoughts. This is why a lot of people who just fell in love are finishing each others sentences. They are on the same vibration.

Step 2. How to communicate with animals telepathically – Raise your frequency

For you to be sensitive enough to tune into other beings frequencies, you have to raise your own frequency. The fastest way to raise your frequency is to follow your passion and dreams. The reason behind this is that you have your own higher self who can see your reality ”from the mountain top”. Your higher self can see your fastest path to raise your vibration and also to experience more joy and happiness in life.

Your higher self will communicate by sending you energywaves inside your energyfield. You will feel this a being passionate and excited about something. If you are very passive in life and never dare to follow your dreams and passions, then your frequency will not raise. When you follow your passion and raise your frequency, you will become a more sensitive antenna for tuning into the animals.

Step 3. Seriousness will block communication

Before you enter into this exercise, let go of your adult seriousness. By being serious, we block our own channeling abilities. Spirit is playful, joyful and never take anything serious. Become like a child and just let your imagination go wild. Just pretend and play that the animal is telling you something. The animals are in a playful state as well and you will have to do this to be able to match their frequency. Let your imagination be your greatest friend. Whether it’s 100% accurate is not important. If you make it very important then you will block it.

Step 4. Tune yourself into the animal

If you’re new to telepathy then the best way to do this is in a quiet place. Ask your spiritguides to help you and set the intention to match the frequency of the animal. Start listening and see if you can hear a high pitched sound in your ears (The animals frequency). If you struggle to hear it, then you can wear hearing protection.

As you hear this sound, imagine that you hear it in your third eye. Do it for a few minutes and then visualize that this high pitched sound comes from your whole body. You’re energyfield is a tuning device and you’re learning to tune yourself into another frequency. Use your imagination and see yourself being on the same wavelength as the animal.

The next step is to imagine that you become the animal in front of you. What would it feel like to be this animal? Imagine you are in their body and having their experience of life. How would they perceive you? Play that you are the exact same animal with the exact same personality. This is a powerful tool to tune your own vibration into theirs.

Step 5. Now communicate

Animals do not think in words. They think in strong impressions and feelings. They also do not think logically in the same way as we do. So make simple messages based on strong feelings and impressions. The emotional aspect is very import towards the images and messages you send. And then be open to get a message back. Remember to be playful and have fun with it.

Important message: You create the illusion of power!

Best regards, Tommy

Some of these principles are inspired by the Bashar material.

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