Affiliate disclosure

Hi this is Tommy.

If you have followed my content for a while then you know that I like to be transparent in what I do. I want to be as authentic as I possibly can an tell you how I earn money on affiliate links.

I want to bring as much value to people as I can and give them tools and tips on how to raise their vibration. Around on my website you will see different links here and there to some high quality products. Some links are to the products and courses I have made myself, but the other links that lead you to other peoples products are the affiliate links. I only keep high vibration products on my page.

When people click on the affiliate links and buy from them, then I may earn a commission from that sale. I would like to state that these are only products I have used and benefited from myself. I only promote products that I truly believe in that I know could add value to people. I have read the energy of both the products and also the people who made them and it’s definitely high vibration products that could change your life!

So if you see any links leading to other peoples pages, then please just assume that it is an affiliate link. I just wanted to be true and transparent to you and also to let you know that anybody can actually do affiliate links.

It is a WIN-WIN-WIN for all parts. Those who made the product get to sell it, the one who’s marketing the product earn a commission and the buyer gets introduced to something that could bring value to them. The buyer may not have found the product if it was not for the affiliate and they also get a discount by using the link. In fact if you buy the products on this page, you can actually become an affiliate for them to and start earning money as well.